Where it’s never just a meal.

We dine to re-energize. Revitalize. Reconnect. For our residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia, moments over meals are even more important. That’s why our ingredients are fresh, and our dining environment is safe and friendly. It’s all purposefully mastered to protect your loved one’s dignity, encourage social interaction and bring a warm touch that lasts all day.



Encourage well-being with thoughtfully selected ingredients

  • Three Home-Cooked Meals, Served Daily
  • Local, Seasonal Ingredients Chosen at the Peak of Freshness and Prepared by Our Trained Culinary Staff
  • Reduced-Fat, Low-Calorie, Sugar-Free, and Low-Sodium Choices


Bring home here, with special flavors and recipes

  • Gourmet Selection of Classic Favorites, Regional Dishes, Resident-Suggested Selections, and Healthy Flavors From Around the World
  • Attention to Individual and Specific Dietary Plans or Needs
  • Menu Updates Based on the Preferences and Feedback From Our Community


Enjoy life to the fullest with every bite

  • Seasonal and Holiday Events and Other Special Occasions
  • Specialty Dish Created by Our Dietary Director, Voted on By Our Residents and Offered Every Mealtime
  • Resident-Selected Birthday Meal, Prepared by Our Chef
  • Monthly Themed Dinners, Including Hawaiian Dinners, Fiesta Fridays, Sunday Family Dinners, and More
  • Finger Food Diets, If Needed